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Car Park Design Award

Car Park Design Award

The design, construction and refurbishment of car parks have seen the development of specialised techniques and procedures. The Car Park Design Award recognises innovative practices and craftsmanship in the construction of new car parks and in the renovation of existing ones.

This award will recognise smaller and specialist car park projects (such as surface sites and roof decks), architectural elements of a car park (such as a façade) or an innovative construction or civil engineering technique.

Projects submitted could:

  • Showcase the use of innovative techniques and new materials

  • Display excellent craftsmanship

  • Advances in energy management

  • Enhance the locale and destination the car park serves both in terms of amenity and visually the building life 'post-parking'.

Please specify:

  • The name and address of car park where a case study is being submitted as part of entry

  • The client

  • Key project team members (main contractor, architect, engineers, etc.)

  • Number of levels, spaces, etc.

  • Type of structure and method of construction

The judges will be looking for car parks whose design and construction:

  • Uue of high quality materials and finishes

  • A high degree of co-operation between the developer, designers and planning authority

  • Features a sensitive, sympathetic and aesthetic treatment of the exterior and locale

  • Provides high quality, well-lit interiors

  • Provides well planned vehicle circulation paths

  • Feature excellent signing of vehicle and pedestrian paths

  • Act as memorable and well thought out gateways to the destinations they serve.

During site visits the judges will pay particular attention to the 'drivability' and location of each entry.

Please supply:

  1. Images of car park exterior and interior

  2. Full plans and circulation details

  3. Details/diagram of traffic flow and site access/egress

  4. Details/images of site signage

  5. Full postal address so that shortlisted car parks can be easily located by the judges

  6. Evidence of Park Mark, ESPA and other awards

  7. Customer and client feedback.

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