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Entry Criteria

Stripe Consulting

Parking Operator of the Year

Sponsored by Ballast Nedam

The Parking Operator of the Year Award covers parking providers who are creating a positive experience for motorists. The prize recognises work done to create easy-to-understand, non-confrontational and person-centric services.

The criteria:

The parking provider may be an owner and operator of car parks, or a service provider providing booking services for third party car parks.


The entry should include details of:

  • Name of parking provider

  • Names of key team members and job titles

  • Nature of the parking operation (local authority, private sector, third party aggregator, etc.)

  • Markets and type of customer

  • Scope and scale of operation (number of spaces and sites; UK and international, key locations, etc.)

  • Services offered

  • Systems used

  • Copy of team/organisation/company structure

  • Profile of key manager and team members (Details of staff training undertaken and success obtained - NVQs, MBAs, etc)

  • External verification of performance (consultant studies, Investers in People, SIA ratings, etc.)

  • Recognition of the team's work (Internal and external awards, press coverage, customer testimonials, etc.)


The judges are looking for evidence of:

  • A commitment to positive change

  • The building of partnerships to deliver results

  • A commitment to team building and staff development

  • Consistent application of good practice

  • Outstanding customer service

  • Excellence as representatives of the parking sector to customers and the wider community.


Please supply:

  • Images

  • Customer and client feedback/testimonials

  • Press cuttings/Links to websites

  • Details of other awards won.

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