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Entry Criteria


EV Charging Award

The parking sector is playing a key role in the transition to electric vehicles (EVs).


The EV Charging Award recognises the development of innovative approaches to providing EV charging infrastructure, systems and services in car parks and at the kerbside.


The category is open to:

  • chargepoint network operators

  • parking operators

  • specific destination managers providing EV charging facilities,

  • EV charging technology providers.

The category covers destination, en route, kerbside and 'community' (driveway) charging provision. The project or solution entered may be a network or site/town specific. 

This award is co-produced with EVolution Magazine

The criteria:

The entry should set out:

  • Name of the chargepoit provider

  • Organisation(s) delivering the chargepoints

  • The scope and ambition of the charging scheme

  • A profile of the EV driver user group being catered for

  • A description of how the project was implemented

  • How the scheme was funded

  • How the scheme is managed, marketed and enforced

  • Evidence of its success.

Please supply:

  1. Images

  2. Customer and client feedback/testimonials

  3. Press cuttings/Links to websites

  4. Details of other awards won.

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