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2024 Headline Award

The recipients will be selected by the jury from either the field of entries or wider parking sector.


MiPermit Inspiration Award

Sponsored by MiPermit


The MiPermit Inspiration Award recognises individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to improving parking. Inspiration Award recipients are exemplars of excellent practice that have inspired colleagues, clients and the wider parking community.

Headline Award
Competitive Categories
BPA 2023

2024 Competitive Categories

These are competitive categories that are assessed by the jury.
The entries are published as a long list which is whittled down to a shortlist.


Parking Person of the Year

Sponsored by RingGo

This award is open to all local authorities and private operators that may nominate an individual parking employee who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to the industry and represents a 'model of excellence'. 


Rising Star Award

Sponsored by Flowcrete a Brand of Tremco CPG UK

The Rising Star Award shines a spotlight on the rising stars of parking. The recipients may be young employees or recent joiners of any age. Local authorities and private operators can nominate an individual parking employee, consultant or contractor who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to their team and the wider parking sector.


Parking Team of the Year

Sponsored by CDER Group


The Parking Team of the Year Award recognises the excellent work of both on-street and off-street parking operations. It is open to teams working in both the public and  private sectors. 


Parking Operator of the Year

Sponsored by Stripe Consulting


The Parking Operator of the Year Award is presented to what the jury feel is the best parking facility in the UK. The category is open to new and established car parks owned by either the public or private sectors. The award recognises car parks that are managed, designed and maintained in a way that makes the start and end of each driver's journey a pleasant experience.


Communication Award

Sponsored by Zatpark

The Communication Award recognises imaginative, engaging and informative approaches adopted by parking organisations to communicating with the public and other organisations. It encompasses advertising campaigns, websites, social media and publications.


The Back Office Award

Sponsorship available


The Back Office Award recognises the excellent work of back office teams working for local authoritires, private parking operators, transport consultancies and civil enforcement agencies.


The Front Line Award

Sponsorship available


Parking can be a challenging profession. The Front Line Award is dedicated to parking personnel who engage with drivers and the general public as a part of their day-to-day activities. This award will recognise excellent customer service, communication skills and community engagement.


Parking Partnerships Award

Sponsored by APT Skidata

The Parking Partnerships Award recognises the importance of partnership working in the parking sector. The partnership may involve pairings or groups of local authorities, companies, professional bodies, campaign groups and other stakeholders. 


Parking in the Community Award

Sponsored by The IPC

Parking is an essential public service and can be a positive contributor to local communities. The Parking in the Community Award recognises people working within the parking sector who have engaged with and supported their local communities.


Parking Technology Award

Sponsored by Tap2Park

The Parking Technology Award recognises advances in the systems used to manage parking. The innovation will be a piece of parking hardware, a device or a wider system that makes the management of parking more efficient and/or customer-friendly.


Best New Car Park

Sponsored by YourParkingSpace


The Best New Car Park Award is a site-specific award that recognises outstanding design and construction techniques that turn car parks into landmark structures. It is open to local authority and private car park operators, owners, architects, developers and construction companies. Car parks entered may be multi-storeys, underground facilities or surface sites.

Concrete Preservation Technologies

Car Park Renovation Award

Sponsored by Concrete Preservation Technologies

The Best Car Park Renovation category looks at how car parks can be transformed into inspiring buildings with a genuine social value and can host a variety of uses.


Traffic Team Award

Sponsorship available


The Traffic Team Award is a new category recognising the skills and achievements of organisations responsible for implementing traffic and parking schemes such as controlled parking zones, TROs, permit schemes, payment systems, EV charging and a host of other essential services - including planners, engineers, consultants and contractors.


EV Charging Award

The parking sector is playing a key role in the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), as reflected in the launch of Parking Review's special EVolution section and website.


The EV Charging Award recognises the development of innovative approaches to providing EV charging infrastructure, systems and services in car parks and at the kerbside. The category is open to parking providers, chargepoint operators and technology developers.

An EVolution Award


2024 Special Awards

The recipients will be selected by the jury from either the field of entries or wider parking sector.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Sponsored by the British Parking Association


The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to a parking professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the sector over the course of their career. Parking organisations and professionals are invited to nominate an individual who has consistently made an outstanding contribution to the industry and represents a 'model of excellence' across their entire career.


Special Jury Award

Presented by Parking Review


This award will be presented to an exceptional entry that has impressed the jury.

Special Awards
Rosette Awards

2024 Rosette Awards

These are special awards reflecting key themes. Their presentations will punctuate the event, providing recipients and supporter sponsors with special moments on stage.


Connected Vehicles Award

Sponsored by Trellint


Satnav systems, digital mapping, mobile phones apps and ever smarter in-car systems are enhancing the ability of drivers to search for, book and pay for parking while on the move. The Connected Vehicles Award recognises the work being done to harness the potential of data and communications technology to enhance the parking experience of car, van and truck drivers.

Sponsor this award

Accessible Parking Award

Sponsorship available


Cars enable people with limited mobility and a range of health issues to make independent decisions about how they travel. But the benefits of having a car and the Blue Badge scheme only work if parking is made available and kept accessible at destinations such as town centres, shopping centres, leisure venues, hospitals, transport interchanges. The Accessible Parking Award recognises work done to provide accessible parking and to ensure such spaces are not misused.

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