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Entry Criteria


The Connected Parking Award

Parking is an essential urban service without which towns and cities would cease to function. The Connected Parking Award recognises how the provision of parking connects people, places and businesses.


The connections being may be a more seamless parking experience enabled by technological solutions such as apps and information services for drivers.


Or they could be connections provided once the driver is parked. The connections could be enabled by better car park, street and signage design that make it easier for the driver to reach their desired destination or switch between transport modes. 


The award will be presented to a person, organisation or project in the UK or internationally that is rethinking and reinventing the way in which parking is planned, designed, provided and experienced.

The criteria:

The entry should set out:

  • Name and location of scheme

  • Organisation(s) delivering the scheme or solution

  • The scope and ambition of the scheme or project

  • A description of how the project was implemented

  • Evidence of its success.


Please supply:

  1. Images

  2. Customer and client feedback/testimonials

  3. Press cuttings/Links to websites

  4. Details of other awards won.

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