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Parking Technology Award

Parking Technology Award

The Parking Technology Award recognises advances in the systems used to manage parking. The innovation will be a piece of parking hardware, a device or a wider system that makes the management of parking more efficient and/or customer-friendly.

The technology submitted could be:

  • Parking payment systems (physical and digital)

  • Access control and validation systems

  • Parking guidance information systems

  • Parking sensors

  • Electric vehicle charging systems

  • Car park repair and refurbishment products and processes

  • Lighting and energy management systems

  • ANPR and CCTV systems

  • Hand-held terminals and other devices.

The innovation should be truly transformational, representing a significant advance on, or alternative to, existing solutions.

The entry should cover:

  • Description of the parking problem or need that the innovation addresses

  • The extent to which these objectives have been or are being met by the concept, system or service

  • The extent to which the concept, system or service is genuinely new

  • The technical, operational and/or policy merit of concept, system or service

  • Deliverability of the innovation (including the practicalities and affordability of the concept, system or service)

  • The individual or team responsible for delivering the solution

  • The development and testing/proving process

  • The degree of partnership with other interested bodies (clients, government, industry, public bodies, peers within parking, etc.)

  • Evidence of successful implementation and customer/client feedback (case studies)

  • Ways in which the innovation has been/can be applied in the wider parking sector.

Please supply:

  1. Images

  2. Customer and client feedback/testimonials

  3. Press cuttings/Links to websites

  4. Details of other awards won.

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