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Car Park Renovation Award

Car Park Renovation Award

The Best Car Park Renovation category looks how car parks can be transformed into inspiring buildings with a genuine social value and can host a variety of uses.

This award recognises property owners and parking operators who have worked with architects, engineers, contractors and other stakeholders to reimagine the role and functionality of the car park. The car park may be a new build or a renovated and remodelled facility.

Examples of projects could be:

  • A car park that is integrated seamlessly into a passenger transport hub

  • A car park that offers a range of mobility services (bike-hire, car clubs, Shopmobility, taxis, ‘click & collect’, freight transhipments, etc.)

  • A car park structure which hosts a variety of uses (retail, offices, residential, sports, art, performances, workshops, green spaces, etc.)

  • A car park that could, or is, being transformed to a completely different use.

Entries should be made with the participation and/or approval of the car park owner or primary operator.

Please specify:

  • The name and address of car park

  • The client

  • Key team members (contractor, architect, engineers, etc.)

  • Number of levels, spaces, etc.

  • Type of structure and method of orginal construction

The judges will be looking for projects that:

  • Meet the specific needs of the destination served and local community

  • Makes use of high quality materials and finish

  • Show innovative solutions to engineering challenges

  • Show a high degree of co-operation between the developer, designers and planning authority

  • Features a sensitive, sympathetic and aesthetic treatment of the exterior and exterior.

The entry pack should include details of:

  • A clear statement of what has inspired the transformation or reinvention project

  • Poblems identified and the techniques employed to solve them

  • Clear identification of 'Before' vs 'After' gains

  • The process of defining and planning the project

  • Budget

  • How the project was funded

  • Feedback from project partners, clients and users

  • Safer Parking status

  • Awards the car park has won.

Please supply:

  1. Images of car park exterior and interior ('Before' and 'After' shots)

  2. Full plans and circulation details

  3. Details/diagram of traffic flow and site access/egress

  4. Details/images of site signage

  5. Full postal address so that shortlisted car parks can be easily located by the judges

  6. Evidence of Park Mark, ESPA and other awards

  7. Customer and client feedback.

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